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How to take measurements of the waist and other parts for clothing?

You see most of the women wearing the fit garments and that makes them look perfect. On seeing them you might have thought that how they are stitching or buying such extraordinary fitting clothes, there is only one secret behind this is they are very much aware of measuring a waist for clothing. As people think stitching or getting perfectly fitting clothes is not that daunting task for anyone the only thing they have to learn is how to take the right measurement of your body as well as the waist.

Rules in taking body measurements

Taking the accurate body measurement is a super cool and handy thing and to take the correct measurements the things you want is measurement tape, then follow the rest of the rules that have been given below.

Ensure the level of tape is not too height or too loose because when you have not held the tape correctly there the cloth you have stitched or bought from retailers will be unfit for your body measurements.

Measure the bare skin, remember not over the clothes. Because usually, your body’s true measurement varies so this is the main rule that you have to follow especially finding your waist for garment sewing.

Make use of the right measurement tape for maximum accuracy, the main reason behind measuring body is to make your dress fit on your body structure, in that case, using the maximum accuracy tape is essential.

How to observe the measurement for clothing?

When you are looking for fitting clothes there you have to give importance while taking the measurements on three areas of the body they are waist, bust, and around the hip. Below it is explained in detail.

measurement for clothing

Waist, take the tape and tightly hold them around your waist that is exactly located 2 inches below your belly. While the measure doesn’t bend or shake the waist for the right measurement, that may lead to inaccurate results.

Bust, place the measurement tape at one end, and wrap them around the armpits and shoulder blades.

Hip, like the waist you have to stand straight while taking the measurements of the hip. Don’t inhale the air while measuring to get the right measurement.

Final words

Taking clothes measurements of waist and other parts of the body are not the toughest thing just know about it and take them to get better results.